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Current ShopsEdit

Finally's Shop - CLOSED Loonybread's Shop Jetah's Shop
Tonusorange's Shop Rhythmist's Shop Kirothak's Shop
BlackSerena Shop Mich1103's Shop Monkeyman611's Shop
Nonyhaha's Shop Jakomo73's Shop NJonesy's Shop
Verona's Shop SeanJeromy's Shop Nevemoth's Item Emporium
Ravachec's Shop Allrazz's Shop Ralphibois Shop
Shunguy's Shop Panzee's shop dhicks24's Shop
D-Murf Depot Primescary's Shop Market of The Gods
Zabbad's Goldmine Noob's Drill Mossehhh's Gear Goldmine - OPEN

How To Setup ShopEdit

Step 1: - Create your own shop page:

Use the following box to create a new page. Name it after yourself i.e. Finally's Shop

Step 2 - Upload the images of your items you want to sell:

Step 3 - Setup Shop:

  • Use one of the Templates or create your own design for your shop.
  • You can also visit the Test Shop which should guide you to setting up a basic Shop.

Step 4 - Add your shop to the list:

Use the Edit on the top left of this page to add your shop

A How to Trade Items can be found on the DunDef Wiki.