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Here is a test shop for those needing help to formatting their shop.

After you create your shop page, you have to add content. The wiki will put you into the edit section of your newly created shop. It is up to you how you format and layout this shop.

The default edit will put you into a What You See Is What You Get (wysiwyg) type editor. This means that how you type the text is how people will see the text. The default picture that is on the right can be removed. Or you can use this picture area to display your logo, if you have one or wish to create and use one.

There is another editor, called Source (on the upper left of the first edit page) that will allow you to directly format the page as though you are using HTML. Wiki has founded a version of HTML specific for wiki's. You can visit the Help Wiki for alot of information.

For the gallery of pictures you see in most of the shops, you need to upload your pictures. I suggest you name your pictures in the following format: Name-image.format. This will allow you to choose the images you uploaded much easier. IE, for my page, I use Jetah-fairy-52-2.png. this tells me the image is mine (Jetah-), the picture is of a fairy (fairy-) this fairy does (52-) heals and heals every (2) seconds.

After you uploaded pictures. You have to format them. You can use the Templet, or you can just type. I don't have much knowledge using the templets, so I'll tell you how I use the Source editor.

From your shop main page, hit Edit, then hit Source (on the right of the edit area). Type the following:

<gallery widths=120px hideaddbutton=true>

This will start the templet called Gallery.

Next you have to add your images so you type in your image names along with any text to display:

Jetah_fairy-73-4.PNG|<center>Pet 3</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>
Jetah-fairy-51-2.png|<center>Pet 5</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>

You close the starting Gallery with:


This tell the wiki that you are done with the gallery and could put other text or whatever afterwards.

Example of the whole gallery with my image names:

<gallery widths=120px hideaddbutton=true>
Jetah_fairy-73-4.PNG|<center>Pet 3</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>
Jetah-fairy-51-2.png|<center>Pet 5</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>
Jetah-fairy-63-3.png|<center>Pet 6</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>
Jetah-fairy-118-2.png|<center>Pet 7</center> <center>Heals</center> <center>Available</center>

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